Stimfit  0.13.15
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BatchOptionSmall struct representing a batch dialog option
ChannelA Channel contains several data Sections representing observations of the same physical quantity
RecordingRepresents the data within a file
SectionRepresents a continuously sampled sweep of data points
stf::EventDescribes the attributes of an event
stf::ExtensionUser-defined Python extension
stf::ifstreamManResource manager for ifstream objects
stf::ofstreamManResource manager for ofstream objects
stf::parInfoInformation about parameters used in storedFunc
stf::PluginUser-defined plugin
stf::PyMarkerA marker that can be set from Python
stf::storedFuncFunction used for least-squares fitting
stf::TableA table used for printing information
stf::UserInputRepresents user input from dialogs that can be used in plugins
stf::wxProgressInfoProgress Info interface adapter; maps to wxProgressDialog
stfio::ProgressInfoProgressInfo class
stfio::StdoutProgressInfoStdoutProgressInfo class
stfio::txtImportSettingsText file import filter settings
wxAppSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxCheckBoxSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxCommandEventSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxDialogSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxDocMDIChildFrameSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxDocMDIParentFrameSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxDocumentSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxGridSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxGridCellCoordsArraySee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxGridTableBaseSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxPointSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxPrintoutSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxSizeSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxStfAlignDlgDialog for selecting alignment mode
wxStfAppThe application, derived from wxApp
wxStfBatchDlgDialog for batch analysis settings
wxStfChannelSelDlgDialog for selecting channels
wxStfCheckBoxA checkbox used to select or unselect detected events
wxStfChildFrameProvides the child frame for displaying documents on separate windows
wxStfConvertDlgDialog for batch conversion of files.from cfs to atf
wxStfCursorsDlgCursor settings non-modal dialog
wxStfDocThe document class, derived from both wxDocument and Recording
wxStfEventDlgDialog for event-detection settings
wxStfFileInfoDlgDialog showing file information
wxStfFilterSelDlgDialog for selecting a filter function
wxStfFitInfoDlgDialog showing information about a fit
wxStfFitSelDlgNon-linear regression settings dialog
wxStfGaussianDlgDialog for setting the parameters of a Gaussian function
wxStfGraphHandles drawing of traces and keyboard or mouse input
wxStfGridDerived from wxGrid. Allows to copy cells to the clipboard
wxStfOrderChannelsDlgDialog for re-ordering channels before saving to file
wxStfParentFrameProvides the top-level frame
wxStfPreprintDlgDialog for setting printout options
wxStfPrintoutHandles printing of traces
wxStfTableAdapts stf::Table to be used by wxStfGrid
wxStfTextImportDlgDialog for text import filter settings
wxStfTransformDlgDialog for selecting a transform function
wxStfUsrDlgA user-defined dialog for entering floating-point numbers
wxStfViewThe view class, derived from wxView
wxStringSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxThreadSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxViewSee (wxWidgets documentation)
wxWindowSee (wxWidgets documentation)
XZoomHandles x-scaling of traces
YZoomHandles y-scaling of traces
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